1. Register your bike with us.
The serial number is the only thing connecting you to the bike.

2. Lock it or Lose it!
Always lock your bicycle, even if you are just leaving it for 30 seconds.
Lock you bike correctly see How to lock your Bike http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T9bAv1ujPXs
Store your bike inside your workplace, secure garage, gated locker and lock it.
Use two locks – a D lock and a cable lock. Buy a 8+ rated or better lock. Don’t skimp on a lock.
Avoid isolated places; leave your bike where it can be seen.
Always lock your bike to an immovable object – a bike rack or ground anchors; thieves can remove drainpipes and lift bikes off signposts. Try to lock your bike in a secure building if you can.
Make the lock and bike hard to manoeuvre when parked – stop thieves smashing it open by keeping the lock away from the ground; keep the gap between bike and lock small.
Turn keyhole downward so thieves can’t put corrosive liquid down the keyhole.
Secure removable parts; lock both wheels and the frame together.
If commuting, don’t lock your bike at the same bike rack every day.
Don’t leave your bike locked overnight in public, ever.
3. Tag it!
Buy a set of anti-theft PULSE ID tags and place them on your bike. Thieves hate traceable goods because of the risk of being caught, nor will they be able to sell the bike on without investing time trying to take off anti-theft labels. They will move on to easier prey.

4. Buy a good quality lock
Invest in a good quality U lock, Rated 8 or above like the Kryptonite New York lock.

5. Be cycle security savvy…
Lock your bike when its in a shed or garage to an anchor bolt. 50% of bikes get stolen from sheds and garages and if its not locked, it’s probably not covered by the insurance policy.

6. Buy a component locking system
that locks your front wheel, rear wheel, seat, and forks to your bicycle frame.

7. Use a small cable lock
to secure your seat to your bike to keep opportunists away.

8. When your bike is secured in a shed or garage
make sure you use a ground anchor or shed shackle.

9. Make your bike ugly.
Make your bike as undesirable as possible. Remove brand name decals or put same color electrical tape over decals. Put stickers on your bike. Along with anti-theft tags, stickers make the bike more easily identifiable.

10. Make it unridable.
Remove a wheel, axles, saddle and take it with you. Thieves don’t like bikes with missing parts.