Here are a few safety tips that you can adapt to your own situation in order to ensure a safe move.

Before D day:

Tell trusted neighbours the exact date you will be leaving and let them know whether you will be using the services of a moving company or friends in order to avoid phony mover’s showing up. Do not hesitate to meet your new neighbours (as well as the superintendent or the landlord) to inform them of the time you will be moving in, to ask them for information (on parking, garbage days, characteristics of your street, etc.).

If you decide to use a moving company, make sure that it is legitimate and reliable before you agree to anything and always demand a written contract.

While you pack your belongings, use this opportunity to engrave them and make an updated list of your valuables (an engraver may be borrowed free of charge from all Tandem Montréal offices).

Objects that will not be packed in boxes (television, computer, microwave oven, etc.) should be wrapped in towels or bed sheets to hide them from prying eyes.

During the move:

Ask people you trust to remain at both your new home and your former address in order to keep an eye on your property and help coordinate things. Never leave anything outside (on the balcony, in the driveway, in the car, truck or trailer, etc.) without surveillance. Move your valuables (jewellery, furs, works of art, money, etc.) yourself or leave them with someone you trust for a few days, even if you are moving other items with professionals.

If you move by yourself or with friends, make sure that you are carrying everything in a safe manner:

• Do not overload the truck, trailer or car;

• Maintain good visibility;

• Fasten everything to keep objects from falling during the move;

• Keep plastic sheets handy in case of rain.

After the move:

Change the lock or the lock’s barrel as soon as possible.

Give the landlord and someone you trust a key to your home.

Recycle or destroy boxes that came with your valuables to avoid showing everyone what you own.

Use only your initials or the word “occupied” on your mailbox (or next to the intercom) and if needed, have a peephole installed in your front door.

Change the batteries in your smoke detector and check it regularly.

To add to your peace of mind, have a Tandem Montréal counsellor do a free security evaluation of your new home.

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