After months of planning, training , pre-screening , interviews and 13 weeks of animation our first SNAP® (STOP, NOW, AND, PLAN) group is done. Done but not over. The core values of SNAP® is that families can reach out anytime for check in and support as long as they wish. 

For those who may not know what SNAP®, it is an evidence based behavior program for youth and their caregivers who may be in difficulty. For 13 weeks staff from Prevention CDN-NDG and the Walkley center worked with  4 boys and their families on how to make problems smaller, how to manage difficult situations and home, school or at play. As challenging as it was, everyone came out having learned something good. Parents and caregivers noticed some drastic changes in behavior for the better. Relationships at home and school were noticeably improving as well.

Nothing is perfect, and some days are more challenging than others, But the SNAP® team of Walkley Center and Prevention CDN-NDG are very proud of the hard work done by everyone. We will continue to support and encourage our SNAP® families to keep using their skills. 

A new SNAP® group is planned to begin in 2020. If you or a family you know would like to have more information about this program, do not hesitate to contact us: Tel: (438) 622 – 1007 | Email: You can also contact Prevention CDN-NDG directly or the Walkley Center.


Joseph Lambert