In order to improve the prevention and tools offered, the Regroupement Tandem Women’s Safety Committee would like to hear your opinion about your safety and sense of security in your neighbourhood. 👉

Thank you for taking the time for YOUR SAFETY!

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News from the SNAP® program

After months of planning, training , pre-screening , interviews and 13 weeks of animation our first SNAP® (STOP, NOW, AND, PLAN) group is done. Done but not over. The core values of SNAP® is that families can […]

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Sous le Verre – 5 à 7 during the week of August 5th

In 2018, the Tandem Women’s Committee decided to rework the four preventative coasters that had been launched several years ago. The new and improved coasters, aim to sensitize bar goers in a neutral and non-gendered manner on aspects that can make for a safer outing. The organization has partner bars : La Maisonnée, Typhoon, Ye Old […]

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Montreal police try to curb bike theft numbers with ID engraving program

Over the years, Projet Numéro has meant more stolen bikes can be returned to their rightful owners

The SPVM‘s Projet Numérocreated a database with ID numbers for each bike that is engraved. It helps police return stolen bikes that are found to their owners. (Sarah Leavitt/CBC)
With an estimated 20,000 bikes stolen each year in Montreal, the […]

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Projet Numéro Article

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Home safety and security tips for apartment dwellers


Home safety and security is important wherever you live, especially if you’re an apartment dweller. Apartments can be easy for burglars to access if residents aren’t security conscious.

A deadbolt increases your safety
Make sure you have a deadbolt lock with a solid door frame. Replace any spring-latch […]

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Coasters for prevention

Be on the look out ! Last week the Tandem team began to distribute coasters in 4 bars in the borough of CDNNDG to respond to preoccupations of women ages 18 to 25 years old about their safety out in the bar scene, and to sensitize the community to adopt safe habits while out.

 These coasters […]

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Stop Bullying


This month is anti-bullying month. As always your Tandem CDNNDG has been hard at work speaking to residents of all ages, from children as young as kindergarten to adults having issues with neighbours and so on. A community or school that practices kindness […]

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Safety in public spaces and when using public transit

Spring is knocking and as the good weather settles in, we will soon be spending more time outdoors! In fact, during the long winter months, we have a tendency to stay in the warmth and comfort of our own homes. Therefore, here are a few tips to know (or to recall) when we use public […]

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Stay alert!

Many residents have reported individuals are knocking on doors pretending to be a knife sharpenning company. If this has been the case on your street, please advise the SPVM at 514 280-2222.

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